Vitae of Judith L. Stifel, Life Coach, Relationship & Business & Coach:
Serving Port St. Lucie, Florida since 1991
Florida Resident of Port St. Lucie since 1976

Personal Enrichment & Relationship Negotiating, Career Guidance, Workplace Conflict Resolution
Pre-Employment Testing, Employee Profiling & Productivity Coaching, Academic Coaching, Testing, & Mentoring.
Web Development, Graphics, User Interface Engineering, Content Writing, Desktop Publishing

Thank you for your interest in my resume. I have a very wide and diverse set of professional and personal skills and my professional and personal life-seasoning is very deep and extensive. It's pretty much impossible for me to list so much on a resume and hope to keep it to a readable length. If you have needs and don't see them covered on my resume, please feel free to ask me. Many people call me their "Judi of all trades" and consider me a "resource person" and come to me with their unusual requests for guidance or problem-solving. Usually, I can fulfill their needs or refer them to someone who can.  Being a "Coach" means that I can transcend most professional boundaries and help where the help is really needed whether it be individual issues, fear management, anger management, disorganization, career, business, stress/anxiety management, relationships, family issues, careers, mentoring in any number of personal-growth areas, relationship negotiations, family renegotiations, academic, peer group support, overcoming various handicaps, or any number of issues too numerous to name. I do not practice as a "therapist." As a "Coach," I follow a "No Bad Guys/No Fault" Educational Model and I address only positives. Call me when you don't know where else to go.


Judi Stifel, Life, Relationship, Business Coach

I have provided my resume in Rich Text, read-only format and converted it to PDF Format so you may open it with Adobe Acrobat Reader (or click link to download/install Acrobat on your computer if you don't already have it) by clicking the link below to view and to print my Resume/Vitae, if you desire. My physical address will be provided by request for appointment. 

My Resume/Vitae

Judi Stifel, Life Coach - Port St. Lucie, Florida Vitae - PDF

Judi Stifel, Life Coach - Port St. Lucie, Florida Vitae - RTF

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Thank you for your interest. I stand ready to serve in any way which I can. I work with individuals, groups, couples, parent and child, workshops, and I am also a speaker/lecturer. 

Judi Stifel, Life Coach serving Port St. Lucie, Florida residents since 1991.
Florida Resident of Port St. Lucie since 1976

"Coach Judi" Stifel, Life Coach, Relationship & Business Coach
Self-Empowerment Confidence Strategies for Success
Pre & Post Employment Testing & Employee Efficiency Coaching

Personal-Self Quest Relationships Negotiating
Life Skills Academic Coaching Mentoring


Appointment In-Person or Telephone Counseling



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