***FREE*** PTSD Coaching Starting on December 2, 2014
Military Vets Law Enforcement Fire Fighters First Responders & Spouses

"Coach Judi" Partnered with
"Honoring All Services"
Honoring All Services
6707 S. US Highway #1 Port St. Lucie, Florida 34952

To Reserve Space in Classes, Please Email Me with your Name (**First Name or Alias), Phone # where you can be reached,
 preferred day/time when you will be available for a class, and if you will be attending alone or with your spouse/partner.
Please keep in mind that classes will top out at 20 participants Maximum and are projected to start anew each month.
(Note: I am considering classes on Saturdays & Sundays when most people will be available)

PTSD isn't about what's wrong with you, it's about what  happened to you.

This is a Private, Independent, Confidential, Educational Program NOT Affiliated in Any Way with VA or Any Other Vets Organizations! And Because It's FREE, There Are No Proceeds or Donations Generated for Anyone.

Brief Description of Program:

Philanthropic FREE Coaching Services to Vets, Law Enforcement, Fire Fighters, First Responders who suffer from PTSD.

I have designed a unique program (an Educational Model) specifically to build self-empowerment through a "Personal Self-Quest" using Personality components as an initial tool.
This is a 16+ hour series of 2-hour workshops, which spouses/partners are encouraged to attend, and aimed at both self-empowerment and at re-negotiating relationships broken by the injuries sustained in the line of duty. Each series of  workshops will top out at 20 participants, or 10 couples and classes will be given two times a week, so the series will be repeated approximately every other month or approximately every 8 weeks.

This is a two part series. The second part includes only the individual suffering PTSD, without spouses/partners, and will continue in the setting of the support group, which has been formed in the first part series, and the issues related to PTSD will be dealt with directly. It is hoped that the shared experience of the first part will add the partner/spouse as a "healing partner" at home, also.

The goal of the second part is to convert the "D" Disorder part of PTSD into a manageable "R" Reaction, which constitutes a device which the sufferer will develop to cope with the injuries sustained in such a way as to release them from the imprisonment of their horrific memories, the guilt, and those painful results which have interfered with living a happy, fulfilling life, and to enable them to move forward to reach their personal potential for success and happiness.

We know memories will never go away, but the sufferer can develop tools to change both attitude and perceptions so that those toxic memories recede into the past and control over the present becomes manageable. As in all injuries, each person has a capacity for healing. So, the program aims at helping each participant find their healing potential and then exploit it to the maximum to find their own personal fulfillment.



"Whether You Think You Can or You Think You Can't, You're Right."... Henry Ford
(You and I both know you can. That's why we are here!)

Jason Redman - Patriot Video

Jason Redman - Patriot
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"Faith is taking the first step even when you don't see the whole staircase." - Martin Luther King, Jr.

(Hint:  How about Faith in YOU!)

Announcing Free PTSD for Warriors



"Therapists" work from a disease model, but "Life Coaches" work from a healthy person model and we educate and support using a vast body of knowledge which is very wide, diverse, and specific to the background and experience of the specific "Life Coach." There are no recognized academic programs or licensing protocols of which I am aware for "Life Coaches," although many of us have degrees of higher learning in both the fields of Psychology and other widely-diverse areas.

My purpose in presenting information is to educate, guide, and support as best I can with the hope that this education and coaching will enrich the lives of others and help them to overcome obstacles and to reach their various goals, whatever they may be. I have no way to guaranty the effectiveness of my efforts on behalf of clients nor of the effectiveness of any educational model I create and present to a client, and I am in no position to control or to be liable for how my efforts or the education, guidance, or support which I offer clients is used by the recipients, nor can I guaranty that it will be in any way useful at all. As with all education, "Knowledge is Power," but not until it is used responsibly and effectively by the learner. By your participation you acknowledge that you understand the above and agree that I bear no personal or professional liability, nor does Honoring All Services for providing classroom space and other support facilities, for how you respond to or use the information you gain from my life coaching. Your attendance is voluntary, and there is no contract or obligation on your part for continuing.

Coach Judi Stifel
Port St. Lucie, Florida

 ** Note: I also do PTSD coaching for non-warriors, but not for free.  My usual rates of $70 an hour apply, unless a group is created where the costs can be spread out among a larger number of participants.  Please contact me if you have such a need. 

To View my Vitae/Resume, please click here:  Vitae

About PDF Documents: My Vitae, the Flyer, Syllabus, and Table of Contents are all in PDF file format. If you have Acrobat Reader on your computer, which most, or all, computers have, you should have no problem opening these documents just by double-clicking the links, or downloading them to your hard drive by right-clicking them. If you do not have Acrobat Reader, you can go to http://get.adobe.com/reader/


*** RESPECT ***

Please View Our Program Flyer, Syllabus, & Table of Contents

See Program Flyer

 See Program Syllabus 

  See Table of Contents for Program 


Current Class Schedule:

December/ January Class Schedule:  (Sessions 1 and 8 will be 
2  1/2 hours and all other sessions will be 2 hours)

Part 1:
Tues 12/2 Thurs 12/4
Tues 12/9 Thurs 12/11
Tues 12/16 Thurs 12/18
(Holiday Break)
Tues 1/6 Thurs 1/8

Part 2:
Tues 1/13 Thurs 1/15
Tues 1/20 Thurs 1/22
Tues 1/27 Thurs 1/29
(Class will determine if we continue from this point or if the program has been completed.)


Here is What to do Next if You Wish to Attend This Program:


1.  Give yourself permission to put yourself and your well-being first.
2.  If you have a spouse/partner, ask them if they would like to share this experience with you. (But only 20 members total.)
3.  Click on the three forms above and read them. If you wish to attend, please print them.
4.  Use the above Email link to Email me your request to be placed on the Sign-up Sheet. Include your name(s), phone #, email address,
     preferred day/time. I will use your email address for correspondence with you about classes and class materials, but I will NOT share your
     email address, personal information, identity, or any information about you with anyone unless you request it in writing. 

** (You may use an Alias if you prefer to sign up or to participate. We only need your name and signature for permission once to 
          protect us from liability, and your identity will be confidential. Be "Donald Duck" if you like.  Who you are is only your business.)

5.  Each Session will include a Syllabus and some handouts. As they become available, I will make the links below active so you can print
     them for class.
6.  Before the first class session, please go to list below for Session #1 handouts. Click green dot next to Pre-Test, print it, complete the test, and
     bring to first class.
7.  In most cases, the handout links will be active so you can print them and keep them as materials after classes. You do not need to take
     notes, unless you wish.
8.  Please bring with you a notebook, pen or pencil, highlighter, folder, and whatever beverage you prefer.  And dress comfortably.
9.  Sessions 1- 8 will be fast-moving and rich with information. You may wish to speak or not. That's up to you.  
10. There will be 2, 2hr. sessions per week for 4 weeks.  Sessions 1 and 8 will be 2 1/2 hours. 
11. Sessions 9+ will continue the same time format, but the number of sessions will be up to the pace of the group. Spouses may not attend.
12. Please don't miss a session as there's no way to make it up. You may arrange with someone to tape the session if you must miss.
13. This is an Educational Model. You will Learn many valuable Self-Help Tools.
14. There is no reading requirement for class. Handouts will be what we covered in class and resources for you to use for future reference. 
15. This program is only free for Vets, Law Enforcement, Fire Fighters, First Responders, and spouses/partners. 
16.  Anyone else who wants to attend this program will pay a fee, determined by number of persons who want a group set up or individuals
       who want one-on-one training.  If you're interested in these options, please contact me by email. My per hour private coaching fee is $70
       per person or couple, but I will reduce fees per person for groups.
17.  I'm asking participants in the free program to print your own handouts to help defray costs as we have no funding for the program and it's
       purely administered based on unfunded, personal Philanthropy on my part as a Coach and on the free usage of classroom space and
       facilities generously offered by Honoring All Services. . 
18.   I can only handle a maximum of 20 participants in class at a time, so please sign up early to reserve your place in class. 
19.   You will find this program to be both a very interesting and fun experience, which I'm sure you will enjoy and from which you will derive
        great personal benefits.  The intent is serious, but the process is fun.
20.   If you have questions, please use the email link above to email me your questions and I will respond by email. Thank you. 

Note:  This FREE program is offered to you based on Love and involves 33 hours of training per person at a savings of $70 an hour for a total
          cost savings to you of $2310 per person.  By your patriotism, you have paid this forward many times over. Thank you for your service.  :-)



** Note: The links to these documents will become active as you need them for class, at which time we request that you print them
 and bring them to class with you to help defray printing costs for these free services. Also, please bring a notebook, pen, highlighter, and folder. 





Session Handouts - Part # 1: Sessions 1- 8
Note: Please complete the Pre-Test before classes begin and bring it with you to the first class. Click the green dot to open and print it. 

Getting Along
# 1 Syllabus
# 2 Syllabus  
16 Stats  
# 3 Syllabus 
Maslow's Pyramid 
# 4 Syllabus 
Type Interactions 
8 Functions  
Function Breakdown  
Human Groups  
# 5 Syllabus  
Nightie Joke  
Tell the Truth  
What You Said  
Non-Verbal Comm.  
Communication Styles 
# 6 Syllabus 
Under Stress  
The Grip  
Needs Projection 
Irrational Fear  
# 7 Syllabus  
Jesus Personality  
# 8 Syllabus  
Human Beings  



Session Handouts - Part # 2: Sessions 9+

Tackling PTSD

Additional PTSD Resources

Additional Original 
Reading Materials

Misc. Administration Materials

# 9 Syllabus  
The Gate  
PTSD Explorer  
Hyperbaric Chambers  
Emotional Freedom Technique - EFT/ NAET  
What Women Really Want  
Back to the Beginning of Human Social Groups  
Homosexual Marriage  
Sign-Up Sheets  
Sheets  
Survey Sessions # 1 - 8  
Survey Session # 9  


Video Library

**Caution - Where Noted Some Videos May Contain Triggers


** May Contain Triggers: Safe for All Audiences
(Recommended for Spouses to View) (Recommended for All to View)

Battle of A Shau Valley (documentary)

Why Veterans Miss War

Battle of A Shau Valley (Documenary)

Why Veterans Miss War
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FKB8KQbQIZY http://www.ted.com/talks/sebastian_junger_why_veterans_miss_war
Safe for All Audiences
(Recommended for All to View But Ask Gently Before Taking This advice.)
How to Talk to Veterans About the War  
How to Talk to Veterans About the War




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By your participation you agree that all verbal and written material presented is based on an educational model,
does not constitute "therapy," does not incur any liability for presenter or location provider,
is Copyrighted, and may not be copied or reproduced without prior written permission.
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